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Shower door options explained

When it comes to choosing a shower cubicle the options are so varied. Here at Kubex UK we want to provide you with information to help you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing a shower cubicle.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are commonly selected due to generally being a cost effective option and are often selected over sliding type doors as they are less likely to suffer from sticking, providing quick easy access to your shower. One thing to consider before choosing this type of enclosure is to ensure that you have enough space to enable the door to open fully without being obstructed by adjacent walls or sloping ceilings, which can often be the case in en-suite bathrooms. The Kubex Shower Cubicle pivot doors range from 530-800mm swing clearance.

Bio-Fold Doors

Often referred to as concertina doors, these clever contraptions collapse in on themselves as they open. The centre pivot of the doors runs along a guide rail, in a similar fashion to sliding doors, to provide a smooth opening action. Folding doors provide the simplicity of a pivot door combined with the space saving features of sliding doors. Like sliding doors however, the folding mechanism and slide rail should be kept clean and free of debris to prevent them from sticking and to maintain a tight seal.

Shower Curtain

The cheapest alterative to a shower door, a curtain can be a great option for a areas where excess water will not cause problems to floors such as leisure centres or outdoor areas.

Corner Entry

Corner entry shower doors provide an opportunity to fit a shower right into the corner of a room or bathroom. This type of combination can help you make the best use of the available space.

The Kubex Shower Cubicle range has a variety of options to suit all needs. The Kingston Range is available with all four door/curtain options and arrives fully assembled and ready to install. The Kingston compact also arrives fully assembled however is compact in size being 700mm wide, this shower cubicle is available with a curtain or pivot door.

The Profile 900 flat pack range is the largest shower at 970 wide x 970 deep and 2000mm high, this shower cubicle is available with all four options.

The Eclipse Shower Pod is the newest edition to the range and is available with a bio-fold, pivot or curtain option. This shower pod arrives fully assembled and fits into an alcove or recess and are suitable to install directly onto a timber floor.

For further information on the Kubex Shower Cubicle range please contact our sales team on: 01482 211421 email: or visit our website

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When it comes to choosing a shower cubicle the options are so varied. Here at Kubex UK we want to provide you with information to help you make the right choice when it comes to...

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