Kubex bathroom pods are the complete solution when looking for off site production of a bath or shower room. A modular bathroom pod is a proven way of ensuring of a quality product, delivered to a scheduled time scale and on budget, as opposed to a traditional build process which has many factors affecting the building and fitting out processes. Our factory manufactured bathrooms are produced from Lloyds approved gelcoats and resins or hot rolled steel with a choice of internal wall finishings.


Why Kubex?

As a leading manufacturer within the bathroom industry for over 25 years we have a wealth of knowledge and experience which we utilise to produce products which meet our clients criteria and specifications. Our bathrooms can be tailored to your specific requirements, we are on hand and ready to assist with the design process should you wish or are happy to produce a bathroom pod to
drawings provided.

Features & Benefits

  • Time saving, it is possible to reduce a programme of works byseveral months by utilising bathroom pods.
  • Cost saving, the cost saving elements can run into tens of thousands over traditional build methods.
  • Labour saving, a factory is a far more productive and measured environment to produce a bathroom pod which decreases the number of trades and personnel on site.
  • Sustainability, factory production minimises waste, reduces transportation and maximises output, all of which contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

Installation & Maintenance

Kubex bathroom pods are fully tested prior to despatch, minimising on site snagging and the risk of issues arising on site. All of our component parts are UK specification allowing simple on site connection and ensuring any future maintenance can be carried out with ease and peace of mind. We have a team of highly skilled and trained experts who carry out siting and placement of our pods into your project or we can simply arrange delivery to site from where you take control.

For further information on Kubex Bathroom Pods contact our team on 01482 211421